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Wandering THRUD
Thrud is playing at Thrudball, and this year you have the chance to BID for the "honour" of deciding where he plays.

At the start of each round we'll have a MINI AUCTION to determine which "lucky" coach controls which table Thrud plays at.
The only restriction is that after Round 1 Thrud CANNOT be placed on the Top 5 tables (unless BOTH coaches agree).

These two coaches then roll a D6, reroll ties, to see which side Thrud sets up on.
The “lucky” coach who gets Thrud has to wear “Thrud’s Mighty Helmet” to signify the honour of being Thrud’s coach.

Thrud does not count as one of either teams players, ie. both teams should still field 11 players each, Thrud is a 12th player for whichever side he is on. You cannot put Thrud in the Reserves, he must always be fielded unless he is hurt.

Note that as Thrud gets Easily Confused, chances are he will NOT end the match playing for the same team that he started on! If/when he changes sides, simply pass “Thrud’s Mighty Helmet” to your opponent.


We’ll give you ONE FREE THRUDWEIZER BEER IF you manage to get Thrud to performCASUALTY(even FOULS* / crowdsurfs), COMPLETION, TD or INTERCEPTION!!!!


Thrud The Barbarian

Will play for Any Team (can only play for you if your table is selected at the start of the round)

Cost: n/a      Move: 6          Strength : 6   Agility: 2        Armour : 9


Skills: Block, Break Tackle, Horns, Mighty Blow, Multiple Block, Bonehead, Thick Skull

Extraordinary Skills: Loner, Easily Confused, Thruds Fans


Easily Confused (Extraordinary)

Thrud enjoys playing Blood Bowl so much and can get so engrossed in the game that he often forgets what side he’s playing on! The problem is often compounded by the fact that players trying to point out that he’s going the wrong way will be struck to the ground as soon as they get within earshot.


At the start of Each Game Turn (turn 1 [i.e. again after set up!],turn 2,turn 3, etc), roll a D6. On a roll of 1-3 Thrud will think he’s playing for the other team (pass over Thrud’s Mighty Helmet - doh!). The opposing coach now controls Thrud and he may treat him as his player until the start of the next Game Turn. Then roll a D6 again and on a 1-3 Thrud will swap sides once more – follow the rules above. The opposing coach may use Thrud even if this takes his roster above the usual 16 players allowed!


Note it is quite possible for Thrud to swap sides numerous times in the match! Also you must roll even if Thrud is injured. You cannot put Thrud in the reserves box, and he does not count towards your starting 11, i.e. if Thrud is on your side this turn, you have 12 players including Thrud.


Thrud’s Fans (Extraordinary)

Thrud is a legend, and all the fans adore him! BOTH teams fans will support whichever team Thrud is
currently playing for. The Team that currently has control of Thrud has three points of FAME while
Thrud is playing for them. In other words, don’t bother rolling FAME if Thrud is playing.

*If Thrud FOULS and a double is rolled, a "Get The Ref!" Kick-off table result applies instead.