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Thrudball Rules Pack
Welcome to the Tenth annual Thrudball Tournament, organised by GCN club BRGA. We wish you all a“Thrudderly”good time!! This pack has everything you need regarding the weekend, if you’ve a question just mail me at mrfrankhill@live.co.uk or call / text (07896) 319683.

The tournament will be played using the BBRC LRB6 rules (i.e the “Competition Rulesand the throwing ranges as the range ruler is now measured by squares and not the player's base. Make sure you print the throwing ranges out and add it to the Competition Rules Pack. Please ensure that you have read and have access to these rules on the day.

We will play 6 games of Blood Bowl over the weekend. At the end of the Sixth round, the player with the most tournament points will win the Thrudball Trophy. Strength of Schedule determines final placings this year, so if two coaches win 5 and lose 1, the winner will be the coach who played the highest average finishing position of all his opponents.
At the end of Round 5, the bottom four teams are entered into“DockBowl”, played on Bogg Norr Dock and Seaside!! The rest will be thruggling for position and improving overall NAF rankings for the weekend.


Thrudball Champion Runner Up
The Glowworm Award(Fourth place) Comeback King (Best on 2nd Day)
Best Painted Team & Auction Item Most TD's & Best Defence
DockBowl Champ (Best of Worst) Most Casualties
Pint-Sized Pacifiers, our Stunty Cup:highest ranking Stunty Team - Goblin, Ogre, Halfling or Skink (No Saurus) Most Thrudded (Dead Last Place)
& Best Newcomer (played <=3 Tourneys & been playing <=3 yrs)
Most Sporting Thrud Gurning Champion

Rounds are two hours apiece, so play to four minutes or risk not finishing! You will be given a warning 15 minutes and again 5 minutes before the end of the round.




1.) Your (preferably) Painted Team
2.) A copy of the Competition Rules,
...throwing ranges & New Experimental Teams
3.) Team Roster (two copies please)
4.) Dice (including block dice)
5.) Range ruler, scatter templates
6.) This Tournament Pack
7.) A Ball
1. Somewhere to sleep overnight - CAN CAMP AT VENUE
Friday & Saturday Night
2. Spending money for the bar, the auction
.......and the bar(we LOVE the bar, it's CHEAP!).
3. Transport to and from the event