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We are dependent on the generosity of our sponsors, and the whole object of Thrudball is to raise as much as possible, so unless we get a donation marked specifically to be used as a prize, it goes into the auction.

However we have our "Throscars", Thrud Trophies made from Heresy Miniatures' standing Thrud. Many thanks again to Timpsons of Chichester for the free engraving (cheers Paul!). Unfortunately the pics of the 2011 Trophies didn't come out...

Those who have attended Thrudball before will know we keep the design of the Dockbowl trophy a closely guarded secret, but here are a few of the last few year's efforts(see below)!

If you would like to help us by donating either a prize or auction item for Thrudball , please email mrfrankhill@yahoo.com, we would be very grateful of any help!


Dockbowl Trophy 2009

Dockbowl Trophy 08

Dockbowl Trophy 07