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In order to make Thrudball 2012 a success, we are trying to source any of the following items for either prizes or Auction items:

a) Professionally painted Bloodbowl Teams and Star Players.

b) custom built Bloodbowl Pitches / stadiums / Dungeonbowl Boards / Dug Outs.

b) Limited edition and discontinued Bloodbowl miniatures.

c) Scenery and other modelling equipment used in customised Bloodbowl Board Manufacture.

d) Paints, paint brushes, varnishes and other equipment used in painting and converting Bloodbowl Miniatures.

e) Carry Cases.

f) any Games Workshop related products. Necromunda, GorkaMorka, Mordheim, BattleFleet Gothic, Anything.

g) Games and miniatures of a similar nature e.g. Elfbowl, Street Bowl, Deathball , War Macine etc.

h) We're hoping to be able to sell a limited number of Thrud Shirts and / or Thrud Merchandise (Details TBC-will stick a vote up on the TFF forum)if we can get Carl Critchlow to approve ideas.

i) The all important Thrudweizer!

j) Any LARP / Live Roleplay items.

k) Roleplay games / Computer Games / Sci-Fi / Models Etc.

l) If you have any ideas for a prize or Auction Item please use the contact us page of this website