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Once you have reserved your spot, I'll add you to the Attendees List (link below)

Thrudball 2015: 8th-9th August, Bognor

See TFF for your Entry Number, whether you've PAID, banter etc.
If your name doesn't show on this post just give me an email at mrfrankhill@live.co.uk

PLEASE pay a £15 Deposit* ASAP (once you've booked holiday etc).
( *Until your desposit is paid we cannot 100% Guarantee your slot)

Including Food both days (Lunch&Tea Sat, Lunch Sun), Fees are:

£35 (NAF)
£41 (Non NAF, includes NAF Membership &  NAF Dice)

Early Bird Roster & Payment Bonus:
If you submit our Roster by 30/06/15, it may have 3 FREE Assistant Coaches.

If you pay by 30/06/15, your Team Roster may have 3 FREE Cheerleaders.
(Internationals and Newbies automatically qualify for this bonus).

Payment Deadlines:
25th July 15(cheque)
1st August 15(paypal)

We can make arrangements to pay on the day if you must, but this will be on a First come, first served basis (max 70 people).

Unfortunately if for whatever reason you cannot make it, all Ticket Fees are sadly non-refundable (all profits from the event are donated to The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and the Sussex Snowdrop Trust ).