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Thrudball Trophies

Thrudbowl 2006

The winner, Ian Fitton, was very pleased with his trophy, which was very nicely painted by Wayne Kemp


Thrudbowl 2007

Everyone seemed to like the trophies, Wayne did a great job of painting the Thruds again, and we all LOVED Althea's hand crafted Dockbowl trophy


Thrudbowl 2008

Everyone seemed to like our "Throscars" ...

Trophies 08

and Althea's Dockbowl Trophy was again WONDERFUL

dockbowl 08

Thrudball 2009

We went with the "Throscars" look to the trophies again...

trophies 09

We added a new Trophy, the "Pint Sized Pacifier", or best Stunty Team

Trophies 2009 part deux

and Alf surpassed herself as usual designing the Dockbowl Trophy

Docbowl Trophy 09

Thrudball 2010

We decided this year to put a little more colour into the "Throscars"

Trophies 2010 part 1

Trophies 2010 Part 2

And as usual, the Dockbowl trophy was something of a work of art...yup, thats a pogo stick in a cannon...

Dockbowl Trophy 2010

Thrudball 2011

Sadly the Trophy Pics never came out, but I did manage to get Fern Goodliff, 2011 Dockbowl Champion, to take a pic of her
Dockowl Trophy (an Anchor) and award

Dockbowl Trophy 2011