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So what is Dockbowl? It's a little fun for the bottom four teams after the Fifth round, who, realising they cannot get their hands on first prize by fair means, decide to sneak off to Borr Norr Dock to pinch it!

Basically Dockbowl is like Dungeonbowl but has a few added dangers:

Sea monsters
planks / springboards
magical tricks and treats
lots of rigging to swing around on
magically induced weather including waves

and the constant threat of falling / being pushed / swept into the sea (not a good idea when you're in full bloodbowl armour).

Still, with the chance of running off with first prize, the Golden Ball, worth 250'000 GP (plus of course the hand crafted Dockbowl Trophy), the risk of being vaporised by one of To-Me-Ku-Pa's protective spells seems like a good laugh (well, at least thet's what the Team coaches think)!

Dockbowl 2011

BRGA's Own Ryan Hodgets took some Extreme Close ups of the Dockbowl teams (nearly blinded himself on the ships masts in the process)

Oh well, I suppose high seas adventure and eyepatches go hand in hand...

David Bailey - NOT!
It is commonplace for a LOT of Stunty teams in Dockbowl, but this was the first ALL - Stunty Dockbowl

Fern Goodliff - Bumble's Bees (Flings)
David Coombes - Blocklings (Flings)
George Williams - BOBlins (Gobbos)
Nigel Norman - The Munchies (Flings)

stunty soup

Bomber Driblesnot is no stranger to Cannon Balls and similar incendiary devices...
Some Halflings are about to learn this the HARD way ...
"I'll cook 'em, den yoo eet 'em ...wont even need to choo!"

I'll cook 'em you eat em

Looked like Nigel was being DECIMATED by George, but neither were getting very far...

wot no flings left?

On the other side of the dock, two swarms of hairy footed pirates invaded the ghost galleons...


Both Fern and David made good use of the sewers (once they managed to knock over the barrels covering their entrances)



In the end as always it boiled down to a race to find the ball ... Bumbles Bees flew like they had wings and clinched it with panache!

Bumble Triumphs!

Dockbowl Champion (Champienne?) - Fern Goodliff, Bumbles Bees.

Dockbowl Champienne - Fern Goodliff

Dockbowl 2010

Sorry, no pics!

Winner was Andrew Don

Dockbowl 2009

The seas were rough,but that didn't deter four teams of unlucky souls from trying to steal from the mighty necromancer, To-Me-Ku-Pa!!

dockbowl09 1

Personally, I blame their foolish decision on too much Thrudweizer! NO, hang on, that's Ribena...

dockbowl09 2

Aha, knew there must be some Thrudweizer involved somewhere...

Dockbowl 09 3

Alan Ledger loses 3 players to the brimy depths, courtesy of "The Kraken"

Dockbowl 09 4

I'll just block off all three exits so no one else can get to the ships....Ru-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Dockbowl 09 5

I'd never SEEN so many Stunty Teams in Dockbowl before...but they do fit nicely in a cannon barrel ... BOOM!

Dockbowl09 6

Mayhem, Broken Bottles, Concrete Feet, halflings shoving human blitzers off the plank...what a game!!

Dockbowl09 7

The Dockbowl Prize was particularly oceanic this year...


And after a frantic running battle, the winner was ...Alan Ledger

Dockbowl 09 Champ

Dockbowl 2008

First Prize, the Golden Ball, was safely stowed on board one of To-Me-Ku-Pa's Pirate-Zombie-Ghostie Ships for safe keeping...





That was, until Shanes Nurgle Team pinched it!!!

dockbowl competitors

Actually Shane won a 25 meter dice-off to be crowned Dockbowl Champion ... we almost thought Adam was going to cry!

dockbowl champ

Dockbowl 2007
Our first Dockbowl Model was truly crap ...


but the game mechanics seemed to work and the guys REALLY enjoyed it...which was the point ...you need cheering up after 5 straight losses!

dockbowl07 crappy model

I may be crap / unlucky at bloodbowl, but at least I can make a better model than THAT!

dockbowl rubbish ships

And the Trophy was COOL!!!