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Thrudball Auction 2015 (Uodated 04//08/15)
In this years Thrudball auction, we  have:

A Star Bowl Jawa Team & T-Shirt donated and Pro Painted by Spanish Jedi Master Rykar Jove
Starbowl Jawa Team
Starbowl Jawa Team Starbowl Jawa Team Starbowl Jawa Team Starbowl Jawa Team Starbowl Jawa Team Starbowl Jawa Team Starbowl Jawa Team

THREE Impact Miniatures Teams (Plastics) donated by Tom Anders of Impact Miniatures (via Jason Thornton, Tritex Games):

Apes of Wrath Team Number 3 (14 Figures)  Pro Painted by cool and efficient German Marian Wall
Impact Apes Of Wrath
Impact Apes Of Wrath Impact Apes Of Wrath

Pharaohs of Vihktora (Khemri-like) Team  being Pro Painted by the immensely spectacular Andy "THOR" Spires of Avalon Painting Studio
This Pic is from the Impact site ...
Impact Pharoahs of Vihktora

Scotling Team #1 (15 figures) (Unpainted)
Impact Scotling

Tom Anders has also kindly donated this year a Chaos Cup Limited Edition Team

To give you an idea, here are a few pics of the Painted Team we recieved in 2009 

A Red Star CovenA Red Star Coven Stunty Henchmen (Minion!) Team (available from The Dice Bag Lady or Great Escape Games) Pro Painted by the modestly brilliant David Olorenshaw


Chaos Dwarf Team donated by BRGAN Elvis Fisher and Pro Painted by the delicious and nutritious Simon Cooke

Chaos Warriors

Bull Centaurs



A 2nd Edition Elf TeamA 2nd Edition Elf Team donated by Frank Hill Pro Painted by Alex Lloyd Of BRGA

2Nd Edition Elves
A Dwarf Team Donated by Absolutely Brilliant Alan "Barnacles" Barnett



A Savage Orc Team (3rd in the NAF Championships 2015 Best Painted Contest) Donated by mild mannered painting ninja Steve "Stig" Marlow

Savage Orcs1

Savage Orcs2

Savage Orcs3

Savage Orcs4

Savage Orcs5

Savage Orcs6

Savage Orcs7

Savage Orcs8

Savage Orcs9

Former BRGAN Gary Deacons has recycled Glowworm's Goblin Team donation from 2011, pro painted by Cornish Mikey

Liam Bishop has donated, converted and is painting a Halfling Team called the Thrudlings

here's some WIP pics


Al Scott is donating a casting of his Self-Sculpted Halfling and Skaven Teams, plus 5 of his Sculpt of Belly Smalls2 PLus Cheerleader

Treeman Flings Al Scott

Skaven Al Scott

Cheerleader Chef Coach Al Scott

Belly Smalls and Flings Al ScottBelly Smalls 2 Al ScottBelly Smalls Al Scott

3 Meiko Miniatures Big Guys from RN Estudio won on Facebook by Louis Kirkham 21/08/14
(donated as he wanted to help after enjoying Thrudball 2014 - Thanks Louis, that's the spirit!
Meiko Minatures Bull Centaur, Mino, Graskrak

Kaiser Goblin Mini Donated by Marian Wall and Pro Painted by Al Scott

Khorne Bloodweizer Babe donated by Bart Verstuyt
Pro Painted by Brett, a matre of Al Scotts

Khorne BW Babe
5 Minis "borrowed" by David 'Cantaloupe' Inker at ARBBL
(he's going to use underhanded sneakiness and lowdown cunning to source Pro Painting for them somehow)
Skeletor - Donated by me,

Skeletor Turncoat Coach - Donated by Bart Verstuyt,

Turncoat Coach another Khorne BW Babe - Donated by Bart Verstuyt,
Dwarf Runner - Donated by Stephane Serdaru
I think?

Dwarf Runner and another Turncoat Ball and chain - Donated by Bart Verstuyt.

A Turncoat Troll donated by Bart Verstuyt taken by Val Catella at ARBBL, he's going to caress it with his magic brush

A Turncoat Coach and Turncoat Ball and Chain donated by Bart Verstuyt being painted by the eccentric painting genius Simon Webb

Undead Arbbl DWARF, Gobbo Apothecary and Goblin
ARBBL Undead Dwarf, Gobbo Apoth, Gobbo

Pics soon
Troll Slayer
Grim Ironjaw

Nurgle / Chaos Chainsaw
ChaosChainsawDudeOrc cheerleader
Pics soon
Goblin oooligan
Pics soon
Dark Elf Assasin
Pics soon
Wandering Chaos Wizard
Pics soon
Ogre (Firebelly) Wizard
Pics Imminent 

An unpainted Turncoat Ball and Chain donated by Bart Verstuyt

Two Second Edition Orc Linemen (donated anonymously last year)

Orc Linemen 2nd Edition

Hasslefree Miniatures donated 2 of these Madison Miniatures

Madison x 2

Liam was given by Willy Minatures the following via Liam Bishop for the Thrudball Auction:

A Warbear

Willy Warbear



Star Trollslayer

Star Trollslayer

Gobbo Ball & Chain

Gobbo Ball & Chain

Dark Elf Skeleton

Dark Elf Skel

Chaos Mutant

Chaos MutantSkel Catcher

Skel Catcher

A set of three Metal Nuffle Dice from Chris Kirylo, Roll Jordan
Nuffle Metal Dice

Kaiser Logo Dice donated by Marian Wall
Kaiser Gobbo Dice

Wight Wedding Dice donated by efficiently awesome German Peter Damaschek
Wight Wedding Dice
Some Eucalyptus Bowl (Australian) Coral Reef Dice 3 x Block Dice, 2D6 donated by Bren at the NAFC I think
Eucalyptus Bowl Coral Reef Dice
Three ARBBL Pumpkin Dice donated by Simon Ashe
ARBBL Pumpkin Dice
A Donation from Jaffer Batica of Fantasy Flight Games TBC NOT ARRIVED YET

A Copy of Sitting Ducks Deluxe (NOTE: ETA = OCT 2015) from the recent Kickstarter, donated by me,
Sitting Ducks Deluxe

An original Dreadball (from the initial Kickstarter) donated by Frank Hill
a Dragonlance Magestones Game
Donated by Richard Billingshurst

Dungeonbowl BB Pitch
donated by dude of total coolness, Marian Wall

A Gertbowl Pitch (swapped for a Thrud Nursie Pitch) via Liam AKA MunkeyKungFu

A Pletora of Miniatures converted and painted by BRGAN Richard Billingshurst:
Skaven Reroll Counters
Skaven Reroll Counters

Another BRGAN Wayne Johnston, is donating all four Bloodbowl Novels

Kids Stuff Toys have donated FOUR Boxed Sets, which Lee Hiscock of GW Portsmouth is helping source Painters for:
a Lord Of the Rings - the Three Trolls - Lee Hiscocks
Two Warhammer Ogre Riders - GW Store USer
A Box of Warhammer Gnobblars - Lee Hiscocks
A Box of Warhammer Dwarf Hammerers - GW Store USer

Nate Beam,
Organiser of ACCC, the Atlantic Coast Charity Cup, has donated:
2 x Woundedwarriorproject wristbands
2 x 2013 Dtill Instructor Minis
ACCC 2013 Drill Instructor
1 x Atlantic Coast Charity Cup 2D6
1 x ACCC 2014 Sailor Tattoo Block Dice
ACCC Sailor Tattoo Block Dice
1 x ACCC 2014 Counters Set
ACCC Counters
Also Nate donated a Shaz Bonecrusher Troll which David "Loki" Muirhead in Painting...
ACCC Shaz Bonecrusher Troll
Gavan Pearce Cancon organiser (Australia) has donated
5 x (Block Dice+Pin Sets)
Cancon Block Dice & Pin

An also this BushRanger Bowl Ned Kelly Chainsaw Human

BushRanger Bowl Ned Kelly Chainsaw Human

An Elf Blitzer Bust 5" Tall pro painted by Cornish Mikey - Sculptor Franarcilla, donated by Cornish Mikey / Fumbleros
Redonated by Andy Crosby this year, who loved it so much he HAD to see it in the auction again...

Elf Blitzer Bust 5"

Adrian Moore has promisedsome more Custom Dice...

Donation from Mantic Games:
Dreadball Xtreme

Dreadball Season 5 Book
Ro-Tek Brutes Team
Kovoss Cryptics Team

Cyandie Studiios have offered some Steam Keys for Dungeonbowl...

Eureka Minis in Australia donated 6 Referees and 6 Cheerleaders, three of which Cornish Mikey managed to pro paint


Plus some bits I've not listed yet, still WAY behind...

If you have a donation or auction item please email mrfrankhill@live.co.uk to arrange collection or postage.