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Thrudball Auction 2014 (Uodated 25/07/14)
In this years Thrudball auction, we  have:

An Underworld Team donated by Frank Hill Pro Painted by Mike Whitman

Underworld Thrower2Underworld Thrower1Underworld linerat2Underworld linerat1Underworld Goblin Starsgoblin longleg shoelaceUnderworld Goblin GruntsUnderworld Goblin Extra ArmsUnderworld Goblin Big HandUnderworld Glart Smashrip

Turncoat Troll

A GW Necromantic Team donated by Aaron Stemp Pro Painted by Golem Painting Studios 25% Discount as for charity.

Zombie, Wight & Ghoul

Wight Ghoul Zombie

Werewolf, Flesh Golem and Gravestone Reroll.

Werewolf Flesh Golem Gravestone reroll counter

Necro's Before Logo's

They are working on a Team Logo / Sponsor ... looks like this design but will hopefully say "Necro"

Necro Team Sponsor 

Nun, Dwarf, Human and Orc Teams donated by the widow of the Late Great Tony Barnes, GCN President





An Amazon and a Wood Elf Team donated by Barnacles - Due 28/7 , send pics SOON...

A Dark Elf Team Painted by Cornish Miket donated by Glow and Buggrit - Due 28/7 , send pics SOON...

A Snotling Necromantic Team donated and painted by Al Scott

Necromantic Snotlings

ghoulsnot fleshgolemsnot


aWeresnot wightsnot

A 19 man Necromicon Cthulhu Team donated by Tritex Games Pro Painted by Mike Rothery AKA Cornish Mikey WIP Pics

 4 Sharkmen, 7 Deep Ones, Avatar of Shub, Elder Thing, Proto Shoggoth(SOLD OUT), 2 x cultists, Nyarlathohotep, Spawn & Avatar of Yog

Necromicon Cthulhu Nyalrythohotep CultishNecromicon Cthulhu Proto Shoggoth CultishNecromicon Cthulhu  Sharkmen Spawn of Yog

A 13 Man Silvana Elf Team donated by Roll Jordan Pro Painted by Geraint of GW Pompey - Pics soon

A Dwarf Team made from Avatars of War Models donated by Rubick - Pics Soon

A 14 man Halfling Team Hand sculpted by Al Scott of Madwargames (unpainted) 4 of the four Fling designs + 2 Treemen

Al Scott FLings Treeman LegsAll Scott FlingettaAl Scott Flngo

 plus a Bodyshop basket

Michael Whitman donated and painted this Gertbowl 2013 Bear mini - Awww, SOOO Cute ..... PAWSES :-) for effect

Gertbowl Bear 2014

Jon Boyce donated and painted this TFF 2013 Halfling Chef he's done a great job of painting this, I must get a PAINTED PIC


A Morg N' Thorg donated by the widow of the Late Great Tony Barnes, GCN President


Willy Miniatures donated these 6 models:

A Horus Blitzer 2 being Pro Painted by Andy Spires of Avalon Painting Studio

Horus Blitzer 2

A Warbear being Pro Painted by Simon Webb of BRGA


A Slayer Star Player Pro Painted by Jerome of South Downs Siegebreakers

Slayer Star Player


Imperial Poggy Painted by ???? from South Downs Siegebreakers


Chaos Star Player with Chainsaw painted by Stephane Blanchett AKA Teufane

Chaos Star Player with Chainsaw

Witch Elf Star Painted by Liam Young, South Downs Siegereakers

Witch elf StarWitch Elf Star2

Darkson has donated the LAST EVER ARBBL Goblin Mutant Miniature

ARBBL Mutant Goblin

Frank Hill has donated the LAST EVER Belly Smalls Miniature

Belly Smalls

Plus Hack Enslash

Hack Enslash

Two Second Edition Orc Linemen (donated anonymously last year)

Orc Linemen 2nd Edition

3 Crouching Ladies donated by Tritex Games

Crouching Ladies

Hakflem and Fungus, Donated by Tritex Games



Hasslefree Miniatures donated these 2 Maison Miniatures

Madison x 2

A Zug holding Helmet donated by SSB

Zug holding Helmet

An Elf Blitzer Bust 5" Tall pro painted by Cornish Mikey - Sculptor Franarcilla, donated by Cornish Mikey / Fumbleros

Elf Blitzer Bust 5"

Rorshach 32mm Scale (Watchmen) & Joker (Heath Ledger 32mm Scale) donated by Cornish Mikey / Knight Models - Pics soon

2 Green Stuntyt2 Red Titchy dice, a painted StuntyDice Troll and2 Red Titchy dice, a painted StuntyDice Troll and Pogoer, Stickers (GTFO!) badges and hopefully a sketch ... Donated by Frank Hill and Simon & Andrew Platt of Neat Mess Games.

StuntyDice Stunty Green Dice (2 Of)

StuntyDice Titchy Red Dice (2 Of)

StuntyDice Troll

Stuntydice Pogoer

Stuntydice Badges and Labels

Salva from Team Spain Lutece2014 donated these "Tragas O Escupez" Dice (Google Translate it!!!)

Tragas O Escupez Dice

Adrian Moore donated these 4 x 2 x 2D6 NAF D6

NAF DiceNAF Dice

And these Custom Engraved Skavenger / Orcidas & Jordell / Spite 2D6

Skavenger Orcidas Jordell Spite 2D6

Plus some Gold and Clear Block Dice

Gold x 3 Clear Block Dice

Steve Bindon AKA Spiky has donated some D6 with BB on the 6 side (need PIC)

ARBBL have donated both Orange and Black Pumpkin 2D6

ARBBL 2d6Black ARBBL 2D6

ustralian Eucalyptus Bowl Dice organised By Richard "Virral" Andrew designed by Melvin De Voor, Koala and Gum Leaf design!
Baggy Greens(3 block dice and 2D6)

Baggy Greens

Baggy Greens Pic

Plus a set of Black Cockatoo, Khaki and luru Twilight

Khaki Black Cockatoo Uluru Twilight

Al Wetherall has had some BIG Black Block Dice pillows made

BIG Black Block Dice

The Lutece Cup Team from 2013 donated 2 BLue Lutece Vinyl Boards - NEED PIC

Competition Rulesbook Swanky Blue Folder & Puzzle Bloodbowl Board - 2nd Edition donated by the Widow of the Late, Great Tony Barnes, GCN President

BB Board & Puzzle Board

 Dugout Wemblelf Stadium, donated by Dave Jarzembowski made by Neil Nickson won Best Dugout, Drakenburg Dungeonbowl 2010

Wemblelf StadiumWemblelf Stadium1Wemblelf Stadium2Wemblelf Stadium3Wemblelf Stadium4Wemblelf Stadium5Wemblelf Stadium6Wemblelf Stadium7Wemblelf Stadium8Wemblelf Stadium9Wemblelf Stadium10Wemblelf Stadium11

Geraint H-T GW Pompey donated WH 40k Dark Vengance ... BRGANs Elvis Fisher and Richard Billingshurst painted it.

The Dark Angels are in the 2014 Auction

40k Dark Vengance

These were Painted by Elvis

Dark Vengance1

Dark Vengance2

A Bag of Zombies: 100 Glow-in-the-Dark Zombies (no pic)

The set of 5 Promotional Cards for the 10 year anniversary

Zombies Promo Cards - 10 Years of Zombies

Jason Thornton is donating a copy of Munchkin Cthulhu

Munchkin cthulhu

Jon Bowers AKA Grumbledook will be donating a game from his new store plus 5-10% of any sales made at Thrudball

antic Games donated these bitsMantic Games donated these bits

 Kings Of War

A Set Of War Machine Miniatures Pro Painted by BRGA'a Alex Lloyd - Need Pics

Some Space Wolves donated by BRGAN Sam Shephard Need Pics... He is also trying to source a donation from Kids Stuff Toys in Chi

I have donated this signed Hardback Thrud Graphic Novel - I also have two signed promo posters, Carl might also managed a sketch if we are very lucky

Thrud Graphic Novel HARDBACK 

Gareth Cosby GW School League Co-ordinator obtained for us these Black Library donations 

Galaxy In Flames

Honour To The DeadSwords Of The Emperor The Emperors Finest

There will be cake donations from More Food Cakes and also BRGAN Stephane will donate a Maison Blanc French Patisserie cake!

Still hoping for a donation from FFG, Dan Kriss Games, Greebo, Comixixinos, Goblinforge and perhaps Matt Dixon

If you have a donation or auction item please email mrfrankhill@live.co.uk to arrange collection or postage.