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Thrudball Auction 2013 (Uodated 31/07/13)
In this years Thrudball auction, we already have:

A Dugout Wemblelf Stadium, Donated by Neil Nickson - it won Best Dugout at the Drakenburg Dungeonbowl 2010

Wemblelf StadiumWemblelf Stadium1Wemblelf Stadium2Wemblelf Stadium3Wemblelf Stadium4Wemblelf Stadium5Wemblelf Stadium6Wemblelf Stadium7Wemblelf Stadium8Wemblelf Stadium9Wemblelf Stadium10Wemblelf Stadium11

Three Dwarves from Stephane Madani of Goblinforge, which BRGA's James Inwood is painting




Bek Hawkby Community Babe at GW HQ, sourced these Black Library Novels:

The Rise of Nagash


Horus Rising

The Inquisitor Sketch Book-John BlancheInquisitor Sketchbook

Iperial Armour: Volume 7 The Siege of Vraks Part 3

A Snotling Necromantic Team by Al Scott of Madwargames

Necromantic Snotlings

ghoulsnot fleshgolemsnot


Weresnot wightsnot

 Al Scott is also donating a Converted Chaos Dwarf Team AND a Custom Built Lewdgrip Whiparm in retro Chaos-All Stars colours



Geraint H-T from GW Pompey paid for this WH40k Dark Vengance Boxed set himself...BRGANs Elvis Fisher and Richard Billingshurst are painting it.

40k Dark Vengance

Elvis is already finished!

Dark Vengance1

Dark Vengance2

Dark Vengance3

Kerry Breitenstein of Twilight Creations has donated the following.. (you may not know, but Todd sadly passed away this year...
God bless you and keep you, Kerry.)

Zombies! 2010 Widescreen Edition

Zombies Widescreen Edition Zombie Corps(E)

Zombies Corps(e)
A Bag of Zombies: 100 Glow-in-the-Dark Zombies (no pic)

The set of 5 Promotional Cards for the 10 year anniversary

Zombies Promo Cards - 10 Years of Zombies

Simon and Andrew of Neat Mess Games are sending me a Set of stunty and titchy dice, painted troll and gobbo, plus possibly some other bits and hopefully a sketch if Andrew can find time. Not 100% sure the dice are available before Thrudball though...

Stunty Dodge Dice



Badges & Stickers

Swindon Bloodbowl Leagues have donated this Cakebowl Vinyl Bloodbowl Board

Cakebowl Board

Michael Whitman AK nazgob has donated and is painting a Gertbowl 2013 Bear mini, which he has now painted

Gertbowl 2013 Bear

A Shadowforge Bunnygirl Team I donated, which have been Pro Painted by Wez Herridge.
They are called "Charred Li's Mange Smells", hence the Blackened Skin and the HUGE Minotaur Mascot! Pics below:

Recently added are an Ogress, OLD Skool Trolll and Mino, Dark Elf, Skaven and a Eureka Minis Rabbit Ninja (all with bunny ears!) Pics soon

Team Name
the always pungent "Charred Li"

Charred Li1

Charred Li1

Charred Li3

Charred Li4

Charred Li5

























Jaffer Batica of Fantasy Flight Games are going to send a couple of games, maybe BB Team Manager

BB Team Manager

A Swamp Troll donated and painted by "Diamond" Joe "Quimby" Garner



Callum Slater, frequenter of Bunker Comics and generally a dude, has kindly painted this Set of:

Neomics Trolls (donated by Michael Andrews of Red Knight Wargames)

Neomics Troll1

Neomics Troll2

plus this Buggers Goblin Team donated by Lorenzo of Greebo Miniatures






buggers 6,7, 7 8

Buggers 9, 10 & 11

buggers 12 & 13

Buggers 12&13 aerial shot

Neil Nickson had these three sets of NAF D6 (everyone LOVES the BRGA Purple ones) made specially by Chessicks for this years NAFC


NAF D6 Pic 2

Thrudball regular and habitual dinosaur onesie-wearer Simon Bond AKA Glowworm is donating:

a Dark Elf Team Pro-Painted by Matt While


Blitzer1 back



Witch Elf5

Witch Elf 6

Assassin 7

Assassin 7 Back

Thrower 8

Lineman 9

Lineman 10

Lineman 11

Lineman 12


Lineman 14

Plus also these five models he paid Cornish Mikey AKA Mike Rothery to make look "GORGE!!!"

an Underworld Fanatic (Fezglitch)

Underworld Fanatic (Fezglitch?)

Khaylee (spelling?)


Old Skool Orc Chainsaw

Old Skool Orc Chainsaw



ARBBL Chaos Mutant (Not-Fimir)

ARBBL Chaos Mutant (NOT-Fimir)

Al Wetherall AKA Lunchmoney has kindly donated this set of Twilight Creations "When Darkness Comes" Variable Tile System Horror Settings:

The Awakening, This is Not Happening, The Horror Within, The Darkness Before The Dawn, Hell Unleased and the Nameless Mist

Twilight Creations - When Darkness Comes

plus these extraordinary Custom Made Bloodbowl Pillow Dice, they are approx 9-10 inches to a side...

Cushion Block Dice1

Cushion Block Dice 2

Cushion Block Dice 3

Cushion Block Dice 4

Cushion Block Dice 5

Lord Orc AKA XXXXXX donated this LizardPool FC Dugout, with built in MP3 player !!!!

LizardPool FC 1

LizardPool FC 2

LizardPool FC 3

LizardPool FC 4

LizardPool FC 5

I have donated some Australian Eucalyptus Bowl Dice organised By Richard "Virral" Andrew designed by Melvin De Voor, with a Koala and a Gum Leaf design!

Colours are: Black Cockatoo (3 block dice and 2D6)

Black Cockatoo

Black Cockatoo Pic

Coral Reef (3 block dice and 2D6)

Coral Reef

Coral Reef Pic

Baggy Greens(x2) (3 block dice and 2D6)

Baggy Greens

Baggy Greens Pic

Rainbow Serpent (3 block dice and 2D6)

Rainbow Serpent

Rainbow Serpent Pic

and Uluru Twilight (3 block dice and 2D6)

Uluru Twilight

Uluru Twilight Pic

Thre's also 1 Set of Cancon Block dice

Cancon Block Dice Pic

A Set of "Old World" Beer Bottle Caps

Old World Beer Bottle Caps

Old World Beer Bottle Cap Pic

A Set of "Old World" Soft Drinks Bottle Caps

Old world Soft Drink Caps

Old world Soft Drink Cap Pic

An Aussie Dogtag Bottle Opener

aussie dog-Tag Bottle Opener

and a Eucalyptus Bowl Coin

Eucalyptus bowl coin Pic

Jon Boyce has donated a Harpy, the Base figure for which is an old Iron Claw Harpy from 1990, sculpted by Bob Olley.

Iron Claw was the branding given to Bob Olley’s figures which he sculpted under the Citadel banner.

Jon commissioned Bob Olley to sculpt him a Blood Bowl themed head to convert Bob's original Harpy models.

Jon had only 30 copies cast up, meaning that the head is a super limited edition component!

The conversion (adding the head to the original Harpy, sculpting the gloves and belt) and painting was by Jon Boyce aka axiom.

Harpy sculpted by Jon Boyce

and an Impact Miniatures Bibbasaur the Zoat(being Painted by BRGAN Richard Billingshurst)

Impact Miniatures Bibbasaur the Zoat

Dave Van Dijk kindly donated these three Limited Edition BUBBLE Minis two Gobbos and a Dark Elf, which BRGA's James Inwood and Chris Revell are currently painting:

Chaos Gobbo BUBBLE Bubble Rare Gobbo 2

BBBL05 Rare Mini

Willy Miniatures have once again kindly supported us, sending a donation (via the NAF a la Paul Gegg) of a Blister of dice and these 11 minis:


the Vamp (Pro Painter Richard Neave has kindly taken this on)

Willy miniatures - vamp

the morg-like ogre (I guess this one? STIG is painting this for us)

Willy miniatures - Star Player Human HARD

a (Khemri) skeleton thrower(One of hese two?Will find out when I get back from Matt Robson, who is kindly painting it)

Then again. Elvis just gave me one too? Confused?

Willy Miniatures - Khemri thrower1

Willy Khemri Thrower 2

Khemri Thrower2 wights (BRGA's Mark Day has one, the other is with one of the painters at NAFC (please chaps let me know who took this one, the painting sheet didn't tell me...)

Willy Minis Wight 1

Willy Minis Wight 2

Snow Troll ( Painted by BRGAN Elvis Fisher, plus an unpainted one donated by this years NAFC Best Painted Winner, Jonathan Taylor-Yorke)

Snow Troll

Sara (anoher model Richard Neave has taken on for us)

Willy miniatures - sara

Dryad being Pro-Painted by the talented Don Vito

Willy miniatures - dryad

Capitan Rioja (BRGA's Richard Billingshurst has taken this on)

Willy miniatures - captain rioja

Human Chainsaw (Ian "Buggrit" Bassett has agreed to colour this in...mohican & beard conversion perhaaps? You never know with Ian...)

Willy miniatures - Human chainsaw

an Ulfwerener, one of these two not sure which must ask the chap painting it, BRGA's Mark Day

Willy miniatures - ulfwerener1

Willy miniatures - ulfwerener2

Leighton AKA Kung Fu Panda is donating a Bloodweizer Babe that he has very nicely painted...NEED PIC

Simon Cooke AKA Cookie is donating & Pro-Painting a Greebo? Aylon Elf Team

Greebo Aylon elf Team

 Steve Bindon AKA Spiky is donating a Painted Scoreboard by Taban Miniatures

Taban miniatures Scoreboard

Hasslefree Miniatures have kindly donated 4 models: a Danni ...

Hasslefree Miniatures - Danni

2 x Madison

Hasslefree Miniatures - Madison

, and a Fatgoblin

Hasslefree Minis Fatgoblin

A BRGAN, Warbunka entrepreneur soon-to-be-father(good luck mate!) Charlie McBroom has donated a box of Infinity Models which Richard Billingshurst is painting

Infinity Nomad Starter Set

Carl Critchlow, Thruds creator and Copyright owner, has promised us another unique sketch for the auction... subject to gaps between work that pays, of course!

Jason Thornton of Tritex Games has donated an Impact Miniatures Sarcos Team, which Cornish Mikey painted for me in less than 1 week!

Sarcos 1

Sarcos 2

Sarcos 3

Sarcos 4

And these lovely Bloodbowl Ladies, Pro Painted By Cornish Mikey

Bloodbowl Ladies 

Plus a Box Set of Munchkin Conan Edition

Munchkin Conan

FYI Jason married Bethany Harris 27/07/13 - congratulations you two!

Jason Thornton & Bethany Harris

Also in the Pot is Jeremy Clarkson's "I know you got Soul" Novel (paperback)...will give you chuckle (or your money back)!

Jeremy Clarkson - I Know You Got Soul

More Food Cakes has promised us a cake  for the Auction, via employee and BRGAN Aaron Stemp chatting up his boss.
(This was no great hardship for him however, as she is far too fit for someone who works in a cake factory!)

Aaron might also be able to arrange a Fudge Cake Eating contest

More Food Cake - Yummy!!More Food Cakes