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Thrudball 2012 Winners

Joel Hainstock came out on top...well, he is world number 1 I think...

Champion2012 - Joel Hainstock

Arnaud came a (Du)clos(e) second...

Runner-Up 2012 - Arnaud Duclos

Matt Green was Best of the Rest

Best Of The Rest 2012 - Matt Green

Richard Neave couldn't make it, but his many Pro Painting efforts won him Best Painted Auction Item.

Val Catella won Best Painted Team

Best Painted Team 2012 - Val Catella

Robin Caddy got Most Casualties (wondered why he brought that stick!)

Most Casualties - Robin Caddy

Scoring Most TD was the NAF President Dave Downes, Whoop! Whoop!

Most TD 2012 - Dave Downes

Most Fouls (For Frenchmen ONLY) went to Pierre Capeau

Most Fouls 2012 - Pierre Capeau

Best Newcomer was Richard Harrop...

Best Newcomer - Richard Harrop

Simon Bond was the Pint Sized Pacifier (Best Stunty Team)...AGAIN!!!

Pint-Sized Pacifier 2012 - Simon Bond

Best BRGAN in his 1st EVER BB Tourney was the incomparable (even if he has a TWIN!) Elvis Fisher!!!

Best BRGAN 2012 - Elvis Fisher

Chris Hastings was Comeback King (Best on 2nd Day)

Comeback King 2012 - Chris Hastings

Gerald was voted the Most Sporting (by almost everyone he played)

Most Sporting 2012 - Gerald Nodin

Poor old Matt Carroll was Most Thrudded...but still said he had a smashing time, and loved his so-cheap-it's-plastic-not-wooden spoon!!!

Most Thrudded 2012 - Matt Carroll

Dockbowl Champion was the ever exhuberent Nick Humby

Dockbowl Champion 2012 - Nick Humby

Andy "Pringlefister" Crosby was awarded Most Thrudlike for:

(a) looking the part and
(b) being the first to remind me I'd forgotten to do the contest!!! I wuz sozzled...

Most Thrudlike 2012 - Andy Crosby

Thank you to everyone who participated in our King Of Sumo contest...in the Final, Goran Mitrovic's youth and energy overcame the sneaky-gitness of Grandpa Glowworm AKA Simon Bond...yes, that is a Crown made out of Strands of Elastic!

Runner Up and King of Sumo 2012 - Simon Bond and Goran Mitrovic

 And Finally, Gurning Champion was won by this effort from Will Livingstone...NASTY! I hope he washed his hand afterwards

Gurning Champion 2012 - Will Livingstone