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Thrudball Auction 2012
(Updated 31/07/12)

Alex Farreres Milanini "Apostol" of comixininos is sponsoring Thrudball this year in conjunction with Mano Di Porco
They donated three Dwarf + three Chaos Dwarf Dice, and given me a discount of 35%, So I've donated the following,
which Solent Wargamer's Andy Spires is kindly doing a speed paint job on... :

a 16 man Mano Di Porco Necromantic Team
Necromantic Team Mano Di Porco

NEcromanrtic Expansion Pack Mano Di Porco
a Necromantic Cheerleader
Necromantic Cheerleader Mano Di Porco
an Orc Apothecary, Osvald,
that Leighton AKA Kung-Fu Panda has kindly offered to paint
Orc Apothecary Osvald
a Yoda Halfling Star Player
that Richard Neave has kindly offered to paint

A Treeman reroll counter that Richard Neave has been asked if he will also paint
Treeman Turn counter
Sets 1-4 of Monster dice
Monster Dice 1

I received these 24/7, so am trying to source FAST Pro Painters who might add value to this donation - if you can help please contact Frank ASAP!

Neil of Shadowforge has kindly donated two Female Bloodbowl Teams (Humans and Orcs) plus 3 Human Cheerleaders and 3 Orc Coaching Staff
I'm looking for FAST Pro Painters who might add value to this donation - if you can help please contact Frank ASAP!

Shadowforge Female Cheerleaders

Shadowforge Female Gridiron Team

Shadowforge Female Orc Gridiron Team

Shadowforge Physio Nurse
The NAF have donated three DARK green NAF dice. Online bids for the dice need to come via Deathwing on the NAF or TFF. See link to posts below
these were 4 such anomolies in the light green NAF dice run, and Dave Downes has the only other 1... This "silent" bid wil be announced at the end of the Thrudball auction,
and if higher than bds at Thrudball will win the item. they are pictured below next tot eh normal Green NAf Dice so you can see the extent of the anomoly.

NAF Post    TFF Post

Dark Green NAF Dice

Kerry Breightstein of Twilight Creations has kindly donated the following:

Zombies (Widescreen Edition)

Zombies Widescreen Edition

Gravediggers (You wondered where I got all these donations from...expect STIFF competition for this in the auction,,,)

Grave Diggers

Dante's Inferno ("You ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight? I always ask that of all my prey..." )

Dante's Inferno

The Haunting House (I recommend this, particularly for Halloween Parties!)

The Haunting House

and Easter Island (Play this during Lent...so many COOL choices, thanks so much Kerry! Not played a bad Twilight Creations Game yet, WELL worth the money)

Easter Island

Matt Dixon, the man who works hard all day every day painting the big breasted babes who model for his sketches of Big Breasted Babes (poor chap!) has donated
2 packs of his trading cards plus two of his rare "Caught Changing" cards which he's signed.

Matt Dixon Trading Cards

The wonderful Donna Abberley of Kids Stuff Toys in Chichester has donated this 40k Orc Bomber (Try a Long Bomb with this!)

40k Orc Bomber

Christian Petersen & Jaffer Batica of Fantasy Flight Games have donated two sets of Bloodbowl Team Manager, signed by designer Jay Little.
I really like this game, and recommend you pester whoever wins these in the auction to have a go on saturday night...

Bloodbowl Team Manager

Richard Neave, 2010 & 2011 NAFC Best Painted Winner, has converted, painted and donated this cool Undead Team:

Richard Neave Undead1

Richard Neave Undead 2

Richard Neave Undead 3

Richard Neave Undead 4

Richard Neave Undead 5

Richard Neave Undead 6

Gaspez Arts have kindly donated a Vampire team, which I've managed to convince the mighty Wez Herridge to Pro Paint for us this year

Here is a sneaky peeky at some of his Work in Progress's:



Vamps3 Wezaa






Mike Ragless of BRGA donated an Impact Sarcos team.
BRGAN Elvis Fisher is making a very nice job of these, WIP pics below.

Elvis Fisher - Sarcos1

Elvis Fisher - Sarcos 2

Elvis Fisher - Sarcos 3

Elvis Fisher - Sarcos 4

Elvis Fisher - Sarcos 5

Elvis Fisher - Sarcos 6

Pug AKA David Mason has kindly donated a set of his Moomin Terrors ...
Wayne Kemp of Unseen Lerker Magazine has kindly agreed to colour these for us, and he can do spectacular things with a brush ...
Here's some of Pugs prototype pics...

Moomin Terrors Double Team

Moomin Terrors Original

Moomin Terrors Mooning

Moomin Terrors Running


BRGAN Dave Hall is donating and painting a Saurus Team for the auction...will do well, he's the guy who did the Dead White and Blue Necromantic team ...
Dave painting these end July, pics then maybe?

ICharles McBroom ohas unfortunately had to suspend trading on Warbunka, so I'm not sure if his offer to:

1) donate a Bloodowl team to Thrudball (either an Impact Pharoahs or Samhaino Team PLUS;
2) give Thrudballers 10% discount for ANYTHING they buy off him at Thrudball PLUS:
3) donate 10% of his proceeds at Thrudball to the total raised!

Which was in return for Sole Trading rights at Thrudball only still stands... When I get chance to discuss it further with him I'll update you.


Willy Miniatures have donated these six cool Mini's:

a Treeman 2 (BRGAN Steve Homer hoping to find time to paint)


a Halfling Star, Captain Rioja (BRGAN Dave Hall is painting this)


a Vampire Lord (BRGAN Elvis Fisher has already painted this...note you cannot order this miniature from Willy until September 2012)

a Human Chainsaw (BRGAN Mark Day has already painted this:

Willy Human Chainsaw

Willy Human Chainsaw1

Wight 1 ( Another model Wayne Kemp is painting for us)

Willy Wight 1

Sara ( BRGAN Richard Billingshurst has now painted this, and likes the job so much he's bid £20 for it! (GET A PIC FRANK)

Willy Sara

Arthur Inkpen has donated a Turncoat Bowl 2012 model, which Michael Whitman has fitted around his PhD...
remember that COOL Norse team last year with the tattoos? Yup, that was Michael...

Willy Miniatures Turncoat Bowl 2012 Troll Pro Painted by Mike Whitman

Simon Ashe AKA Darkson has promised an ARBBL Deadskin plus perhaps summink else too - COOL!

2011 ARBBL Miniture - Mutant Pumpkin Headed Chainsaw Wielder... ARBBL Mutant Chainsaw

Dave Van Dijk (Dave the Dutch) kindly donated these three rare Miniatures:

a BBBL05 Dark Elf Thrower - Pro Painted by Richard Neave
BBBL05 Dark Elf Thrower Pro Painted by Richard Neave

Left Shoulder Detail

Right Shoulder Detail

Two Rare BUBBLE miniatures - Being painted by BRGAN James InwoodBUBBLE Miniature


Simon Bond has donated a Willy miniatures Werewolf Pro painted by Cornish Mikey

Willy Werewolf

Willy Werewolf1

Tom Anders of Impact Miniatures has sent a donation...thanks Tom!

1) A bag with one set of each of the 6 colors of the Flaming Skull dice plus weather dice

flaming skull dice

2) The Cheerleader Baker's Dozen set they sold only for their one day 6th Anniversary

Impact Bakers Dozen Cheerleaders

3) One of their 10 prototype copies of Impact City Roller Derby. Its the finished version of the game but its the prototype version

which is not the same as the edition that will be sold in the store. These are rare copies of the game that were ordered for the early playtesting

when the actual game will not be published until October or November of this year. The rulebook in it was updated to be the same as the rules that

will be in the final rulebook.

Impact City Roller Derby

Bek Hawkby donated all this GW stuff....thank you, Darlin', Thrud says 'Mwah!'

from Bek1

from Bek2

Jamie Fischer Organiser of American tournament the Four Diamonds Cup, has donated a set containing
Two Badges
a 4 Diamonds Coin
3 Reroll Counters
7 different sets of 2D6 from various American tournaments

Jamie Fischer Donation

Gavan Pearce Organiser of Australian tournament Cancon, has donated a set of 5 sets of 2D6 Dragon dice (only 140 sets made) plus Dragonfaced Block Dice Counter and also
Three Dragon Dice markers without dice which GW Pompey's Geraint is Pro Painting for the Auction

Cancon Dragonhead Counter

Cancon Dragonhead Counter2

Cancon Dragonhead Counter3

Matt Forbeck has again donated a signed copy of his almighty "Killer Contract" Bloodbowl Graphic Novel
Killer Contracts
All of the following have promised donations:

Stephane Madani - Goblinforge
- Heresy Miniatures
Jason Thornton -Tritex Games
Michael Andrews - Red Knight Wargames

BRGA have donated a BRGABabe Board which is now signed (across the "Line of Cleavage" ) by Jervis Johnson

BRGAbabe Board

BRGAbabe Board signed by Jervis

Joe Garner is donating a Slann Kroxigor

Need to get a pic of this soon!

The Former Manager of Epsom GW Store,Matt Bromley has confirmed we will do his best to finish the Dark Elf Bloodbowl team he started converting from Warhammer models for the auction last year...

My Uncle Clive has donated some Lord of the Rings Posters

Need a pic Frank

Confident Kids Toys have donated a Rocket Launcher (Foam, I might add, before anyone with a BFG fetish starts bidding for it!))

Need a Pic Frankieboy

I somehow ended up with this "ORCupy" Pic in my posession after the NAF championships, and despite attempts to find it's rightful owner, have come up blank..
...So it typical Thrudball style, I'm gonna try to auction it!
Note I'm NOT making a political statemnent...I just want your Dosh for the Charity!
Why not buy it and give it to some Rich Guy you know?

Orcupy Wall Street

We are dependent upon donations to make this Tournament Auction a success, please give generously to the cause. We raised £1480.50 from the auction alone in 2011, check out the Archive Auction submenus for pictures of the cool items, many made or donated by current, past or future Thrudballers.

Mike Nash sadly cannot make it this year, but kindly Donated 20 to Thrudball. Thanks Mike, we'll miss ya!

If you have a donation or auction item please email mrfrankhill@live.co.uk to arrange collection or postage.