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Thrudball Auction 2011
(Updated 18/07/11)

Due to a mix up on my part I've donated this Gaspez Arts Chaos Football team, complete with Troll, Minotaur, Ogre and Mouse
Plus I've managed to get Wes Werridge, a former Golden Demon winner, to agree to pro paint them
(regular thrudballers will recall his ASTOUNDING Shadowforge Bunnygirls Team from 2008...if only my camera did them justice back then)

Here's a few teaser WIP pics from Wez...Bugger, now I'm going to have to find £250 so I can win the team I donated!!

Lava Troll

Mino With Claw
Dark Elf


These pics are from the auction once the team was finished


From  the gaspez site


Gaspez Arts Ogre

Tom Anders of Impact Miniatures has donated this cool Sarcos team, which NAF Championship Best Painted winner

Richard Neave is going painting for us! Richard's skills are legendary (he won the best painted at the BBGT last year too!)

These are some of his creations

sarcos 6

sarcos 7


sarcos 5

sarcos 4

sarcos 3

sarcos 2

This is the first miniature Richard has completed..nice, eh?

Sarcos Skink

also Sarcos Skink

Sarcos Skink Too!

Fabio Gasparini of Italian Manufacturer Gaspez Arts has kindly donated this amazing Norse Team, which I've asked
Michael Whitman AKA nazgob if he would paint for us he was Team 1 at the NAF Championships 2011 Best Painted and is an
AMAZING painter! They ALL deserved to win this year...


Norsewip 2


Norse Team

Norse Close Up 1

Norse Close Up 2

Norse Close Up 3

Norse Close Up 4

Norse Close Up 5

Norse Close Up 6

Norse Close Up 7

Norse Close Up 8i

Simon Bond has donated and also arranged with Cornish Mikey to Pro Paint a Goblin Team...Look at these lovely Pics!












Jorge Ruiz Morillo of Willy Miniatures has kindly donated the following six miniatures:

Wight 1 (BRGA's Elvis Fisher kindly agreed to paint this):

Wight 1 ELvis Fisher

Wight 2 (I think BRGAN Richard Billingshurst painted this)


Snow Troll (BRGA's Dave Hall of Dead,White and Blue fame painted this)

Snow Troll Willy Miniatures - Dave Hall

Orc (Eurobowl Maybe?) )Chainsaw - (the mighty Dave Hall has taken this chap on)

Orc Chainsaw

Ulfwerener (Another one Elvis has agreed to grace with his paintbrush)


I think BRGA's Aaron Stemp donated this Ogre Thrower

Ogre Thrower

Michael Andrews of Red Knight Wargames has donate a Neomics Orc Team which BRGA's Elvis Fisher has agreed to pro paint

Neomics Orc Team

Matt Shearn is donating an Impact Animal Miniature team Pro Painted by Cornish Mikey

Impact Animal Team Cornish Mikey

Fabio Menegon, aspiring amateur Miniature modeller has donated two Dwarven Serving Wenches (pic when receive soon)

The Manager of Epsom GW Store,Matt Bromley donated 30 books

Arthur Inkpen has sourced a Impact (Timberline I guess)Elf team and a West Coast Quake Board and Beastman Cheerleader - truly you are the Son of Darkson, Arthur(meant as a compliment)!

Impact Timberline Elf Team

West Coast Quake Pitch

BEastman Cheerleader

Simon Ashe AKA Darkson might have an ARBBL miniature for us again, but I need to check...

ARBBL Mutant Elf

Steven Bindon is donating this Pro Painted (and Rare) Thrud miniature...




James Wood AKA Deathwing is donating two DARK green NAF dice...these were 4 such anomolies in the latest NAF dice run, and Dave Downes has the only other 2...

Kerry Breitstein of Twilight Creations has made another donation which is on its way, but is TBC at present...

Twilight Creations donation 2011

BRGA's Aaron Stemp donated a cannot-get-anymore 40K Fortress worth about 60

Imperial Strongpoint

Matt Forbeck has pledged a signed copy of Killer Contracts...thanks Matt !

Killer contracts

Matt Dixon has pledged a copy of his Pin up book Girls on Top (not recommended for those trying to avoid RSI)...

Note the tenuous Bloodbowl link, the pic in the middle was the inspiration for Impact miniatures Type Oh! Vampire Beauty...

Girls On Top

I'll be donating an American Football Thrudshirt as usual

Bek Hawkby, Community Co-Ordinator of Games Workshop HQ Nottingham has sourced the followng donations:

Some strange looking Throwing Templates (ok, they are for Warhammer)

strange throwing templates

A delicious loaf of Magic Bread, The Emperor's Finest...No, wait, it's a HARDBACK 40k novel!

Emperors finest

A game in which Halflings are actually GOOD at something (well, four of them, anyway...) the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game

Lord Of The Rings

Some Lovely bedside reading for your little blue horrors and nurglings , Liber Chaotica Volumes 3. (Nurgle) Pardon me...and 4. (Tzeentch)...Bless you!

Liber Chaotica Vol. 3

Liber Chaotica Vol. 4

Plus the old worlds favorite assassin, Malus Darkblade, returns to our bookshelves in a shower of gore and death....Shhhh! Can't you read, "kill silently in the library please"


Jamie Fischer, Organiser of the 4 Diamonds Cup in the USA, has kindly donated a Beautiful Badge, Coin and two AGBBL dice to the auction

four diamonds Front

four diamonds back

David Candlish is donating the 2004 TalkBloodBowl Legacy Team! He's finally found them in his loft!... only managed to find one web image on TFF...

TFF 2004 Legacy Team-Djengis

An anonymous donator has provided a copy of the board game "The Cube"


Stephane Madani of Goblinforge sent these three miniatures

Gobbo Human Female

We are dependent upon donations to make this Tournament Auction a success, please give generously to the cause. We raised £1162 from the auction alone in 2010, check out the Archive Auction submenus for pictures of the cool items, many made or donated by current, past or future Thrudballers.

If you have a donation please email mrfrankhill@yahoo.com to arrange collection or postage.