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Pagham Pram Race 2010

As my Sponsored Event for 2010, I was roped into participating in Pagham Pram Race dressed as some strange man-woman hybrid by the wife.

The deal was she'd sponsor me £50 if she could source my clothing for the race.

She was only allowed to buy stuff from charity shops, and her budget was a £5...

Are we REALLY going to the pub like this?

From left to right:

Left is Me in a lycra swimming skirt, fluorescent polka-dot knee high socks, pink fingerless elbow length gloves(well, it was December) and a very "eigthies" black and vomit-yellow top.
In the middle is my nephew Michael (in a prom dress and a black feathered hat
Right is my Brother-In-Law Mark in a pink blouse, flowery granny skirt (he decided to go commando, a mistake we all discovered during a drinking game involving a roly-poly) and Doctor Martins...

Unfortunately Mark did his back in playing twister on christmas day, and as a result of an incident following the night out above, could not get our pram from his work...

So we improvised at mega-short notice and used a wheelbarrow (as the returning soldiers from WWII who started the Pram Race 60 years ago did )...

Wheely Knackered

We hadn't told my missus, but it's actually a HUGE PUB CRAWL with (admittedly small amounts of) FREE BEER at regular intervals along the way...

what I DIDN'T know was you're not allowed to swap the "baby" with the "parent(s)", so to speak ...

So I was kind of stuck with wheeling fortunately only 10 stone Michael 3 and a half miles!

But fortunately we were not alone...there were several teams of nutters participating including...

The A Team

The A Team

Batman and Mr Incredible (HEY, YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!!!!! )


Jake and Elwood made an appearance..."It's winter, and we're wearing sunglasses"

Blues Brothers

Unsurprisingly they wre followed by the Cops...

Nik Nik!

but the Bill were more interested in catching the Streakers..."Brrrrrrrr! That's Gotta be CHILLY, it's -2 degrees. Not to mention CHAFEING... "


One undercover officer was trying to catch criminal children with a cunning disguise ...the rest might have actually been on a hen-do and just strayed into the race ...


Dino, Fred and Barney were going so fast they overtook a pram that looked exactly like an ambulance ...

The buckets might have been vomit-collection devices, in case the beer swilling got out of hand...


I wasn't going to mess wth the Mafia, in case they decided to "riddle-me-fulla-lead" with their tommy gun... "Reshpekt Da Familee""


There were MANY santa-esque entries, none of which had brought the reindeer, whom were obviously knackered (well, it was boxing day!)


Santa's elves were getting trollied, and had even nicked a tablecloth to wear!!

How Santa's Elves Relax

some Ladies With Babies had obviously spent a long time doing their hair, to get that perfect "dragged-through-a-bush-backwards" look

Ladies and Babaies

It was supposed to be a race though after all, so team BRGA (us) tried to beat the pirates..and failed! They were more aerodynamic...

Look at the SIZE of that Parrot!

Pirates Vs BRGA

The REAL Santa revealed how he manages to deliver presents to EVERYONE who is good in just ONE night...

That's a sonic screwdriver , by the way,kids, Santa DOESN'T drink Beer, ...

SoTHATShow he gets about so quickly

There were even some ballroom dancers ...I had to have a double take, the bloke looks a bit like Dave Downes...

There was even some Balroom ancers

Towards the back of the field were the Thundercats, and a few superheroes I couldn't recognise...

the bloke in yellow could be"Super Laa-Laa" if he had a TV screen on his belly ... But I think Tinky-Winky and the rest were in the pub !

Super Heroes

Riding for team Camelot was Sir Cumferance, pushed by Sir Jestive...so that's were Shergar went!

The Black Knight

By the time we FNALLY crossed the finish line, I was glad to note just how photogenic I had become...not!!

That's my three year old daughter's bracelet she let me borrow, bless her!

She still wants it back, but I like it...

finished at last

I was a little disappointed I didn't win (was about 17th out of 22), but was pleased to see Jim Gradwell ( Top Right corner) had turned up to offer moral support...

oh, I didn't win!

Having handed out our sweets to those kids in the crowd whom our outfits DIDN'T terrify, we decided it was time for yet MORE beer ...

Time for yet MORE beer I think

Unfortunately at this point I collapsed, much to Michael's amusement ...I'm a Fairweather Teetotaller = lightweight !! Gave the Crowd a Laff though...

Frank collapses

All in all the Pram Race generated £390 towards the £2100 total we raised for Roy Castle in 2010!

Thank you to all of our sponsors, My father-in-law for the use of his barrow, and the Organisers of the Pram Race fr arranging such a FUN event!

We couldn't have done it without you!