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Event 09 Photos - Bushtucker

We have the following photo's of the Bush Tucker courtesy of Simon Cooke...common or garden snails cooked in white wine I think..Yum!


locusts (don't forget to take the legs off or they stick in your throat!)


Are you really going to eat that?

Are you really eating that?

Yes he is...Hmmm, tastes like chewy, wine soaked snot!

tastes like Chewy, Wine Soaked snot!

Next up is MealWorms...they're a little docile...oh, that's cause they nearly died in the post...don't worry, they'll warm up when they feel the warmth of your oesophagus


Edible Fungus...Sorry, Mark, not the Magic kind...Mike, what do they taste of? It tastes like Leather dipped in Cum

Edible fungus

Lime Grubs...Ah, these are a bit more lively, their container had breathing holes in...CHRIST, they are BITTER!

Lime Grubs

Dance, Maggots, Dance!

Dance, Maggots, Dance!

Look out, they're escaping! Hey, Mike, do you want them? I'll snowball them to you! URRRGGGHHH!!


An english speciality dish, Ox Cock in a Urine Sauce...Delicious! Note the Chef never said it was OX urine...

Ox Cock in a Urine Sauce

Your last dish is a worm chilli...MAN, that's HOTHOTHOT!!!

Worm Chilli


Congratulations to our Brave Bush Tucker survivors, between them they raised 205!!


Please if you have any good photos of this years bushtucker please email them to me at mrfrankhill@yahoo.com and I'll put them up here