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Strip Waxing 2008

****Warning: do not scroll down this web page if you are under 18, and only then if you

have a STRONG constitution and can handle the sight of two grown (particularly in mark's

case) Men in leather thongs (shudder!) hugging and suffering no small amount of agony

in the aid of Cancer Research Uk****


****the warning above is in bold for a good reason****


****BRGA (Frank Hill in particular) and anyone even slightly related to Gaming or Thrudball accept

absolutely NO liability for impact to personal, phyical, emotional or psycological injury (or any kind of

harm), stomache contents, redecoration or clean up fees, mental scarring, emotional distress,

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Epilepsy, shock, Nightmares and Night Frights, Fear and Terror, loss

of sanity or toilet function, or any liability of any kind basically for those who look at the images following

this text.....If you really want to see them, you do so at your OWN risk. And NOT ours.****


****I'm Not Kidding****


****Don't say we didn't warn you****


****because we did****


****SEVERAL times****


**** last chance to page up and keep your innocence****


****Oh well, you Sicko, prepare your vomit-collection device then, here they come****

Mark has obviously seen something he likes... or has he simply found where he left his chips?

"How do you women WEAR these things?" Yes, Mark had borrowed the WIFE's thong!

the boys get to know each other a little better before their ordeal...ok, put him down, Shane.

Mark's sister exacts revenge for teenage teasing ...she went the wrong way first, but it didn't work....!!!!


I cannot print ANYTHING Mark said after his first pit was waxed, but you've seen the forty year old virgin...

"You big Soft Suvvern WUSSER, Mark; I'LL show you how a tough Lancastrian takes his Waxin'"



"it took me 20 odd years to grow that"

Matt While still has Shanes armpit hair framed on his wall at home ...is it me, or does Shane look a bit like gollum here?

"my precioussssss""

I asked the missus what hurts the most, and she recommended the inner thigh...Mark's expecting soon, by the way ...

I know, make him wax HIMSELF....? You thrudbowlers are EVIL..Althea is keeping marks Stomache off his feet...

Hair Loss? Call 0800-LEGWIGS for a brochure NOW!

Back of the Calf...grimace!

Inside thigh again (missed a bit)

mark auditions for the sequel to King Kong...

Simultaneous Strip Waxing...novel idea....bad idea, but novel

Appears I was right, shane is part hobbit...Toe Waxing, anyone? ANYONE?

This is taking too long, lets do two at once ...

If ever a man deserved sympathy, it was Shane, who also seemed to be part werewolf, and needed two waxers ...

We didn't even feed the poor lad, so he resorted to devouring a cushion - jokes about pillow biting ignored...

Hello Sir, I'm Gary and I'm your personal Masochist for the evening...Red hot poker next?

Mr Posing Pouch 2008 goes to ....No, he was just KNACKERRED!! It's hard work, screaming!!!

Their ordeal over, our two bold explorers decide to take a breath of fresh air ... on Bognor Sea Front! Mucho Cohones!!!

A quick whip-round in the pub later and we have our warriors next challenge...the Nearly Naked Run! Spectacular!

Thank god they didn't get arrested (or worse)...I think they deserve a pint (or several)!!

PARTICULARLY as they raised £339.22 for Cancer Research Uk!! WELL DONE LADS, now put it away, please!

Or else Matt While will Kareoke....Too Late!!!