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Bush Tucker 2008

I'm still not sure how, but somone managed to convince me it would be a good idea to do a Bush Tucker trial ...

This is me looking at whether I can escape over the pub wall....


The first item on the menu was...Pig Brains!!


Yum, tastes like paté...


We all know the phrase " happy as a pig in s**t" - I do hope that is washed ...I'm eating gristle!!

pig trotter

Tripe, Reticulum I think... felt like a wet, rubbery flannel ...and tasted vile!

you've heard of Braveheart...meet lamb heart


smeels luvverly, but it feels like something you'd give your dog to chew on...how many hours did you boil this for??


big old bite ...delicious!! Tastes just like lamb joint (sorry, mum)...


Herring Milts...the reproductive organs of a fish, containing ... reproductive fluid!!! Funny, not so keen on this one...

herring milts

UUrrgghhh...that is VILE...the crowd eggs me on to finish it all..."I'm just trying to give my sponsors... value for money ...during the credit crunch", I say, between convulsions


Oh-oh, I think it might be coming back up again...no, I'm ok....hang on, though...nope, NO regurgitations!!!


Frank's big phobia is MAGGOTS ...fruit fly larvae, to be precise...in maggot-meal (tastes like grit) "we could have washed them, but the bloke told us they taste much worse if you don't"


I will NOT do a Paul Burrell ......HUUUUURRRGGGHHHHH....Ooohhh, there MOVING!!!

frank bricking it

"DIE you B*****ds"...."What, us, or the maggots?"..."At least they're dead now...great, ones trapped between my teeth!"

REALLY bilious

So it was the WIFE ho demanded I faced my phobia..."Who'll sponsor Frank to give Marie a big snog?". "No tongues, sure...sorry, love, it just slipped out"

revenge on wife

Apart from giving the crowd an absolute HOOT at seeing me suffer, I also managed to raise £462.01 towards the total

Thank you to all of my sponsors, Bush Tucker Buffet contributors, my brother and sister-in-law Mark and Althea for organising and cooking (only to make fit for human consumption) my "feast", and Mark of the Welly for the use of the Pub Garden...