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Auction Items
In the 2008 auction we had:

A Nobbla Blackwart Chainsaw Wielding Goblin, donated from the Eavy Metal Archive by none other than Jervis Johnson himself!!!!

Bought by Paul Gegg for £30


FOUR Professionally Painted Bloodbowl Teams:

3 unpainted GW teams were kindly donated by an anonymous donor. Of these the

Dwarf team were painted by Wayne Kemp


(bought by Shane Byrne for £50),

Vampire team were painted by Mike Rotherby. Here are some pictures of Mike Rotherbys vampires, which were sold on a solid wood display base with a gold engraved name plaque 'Sylvania Ravens' and...wait for it...the sculptor of the team Steve Buddle signed the base!

Click on lowres Vampire Team pictures for a better high res piccy!







(bought for £100 by Matt While)

Mark Elsdon was going to paint a set of Pro Elves for us, but instead he donated this Impact Miniatures Deadling Team from his own collection - the Pro Elves were sold unpainted for £30 to Peter Hopkinson.


The Deadlings were bought by Jason Thornton for £100.

Jason also kindly donated on behalf of his business, Tritex Games, a Shadowforge Bunnygirl Team, which Wes Herridge Of GCN club Hammer n'Ales painted. I really wanted these, but got outbid!!


(bought for £155 by Shane Byrne)

Dan Cates (Best Painted Champ at BBGT 2008) painted us a Dwarf Deathroller!!


(bought for £30 by Paul Gegg).

Rick Hocking made this FABULOUS Dugout - It has magnetic score thingys and all!!!!




bought for £50 by Val Catella .

2 x the Blood Bowl Omnibus (Blood Bowl, Dead Ball, Death Match written by Matt Forbeck were donated by Bek Hawkby on behalf of Games Workshop, and signed by Jervis Himself! )


Bought for £8 and £9 respectively by Adam Daines and Will Livingstone

A Lord Of The Rings "Shadows Of Angmar" PC Online Fantasy Game, was donated by my nifty niece Amy!!



Bought for £17 by Nigel Norman

Matt Forbeck donated two signed copies of his latest Bloodbowl Novel "Rumble In The Jungle"!


Bought for £10 each by David Mason and Paul Reed

GW Portsmouth and Southsea Models both donated a £30 Foundation Painting Set. Thanks Ian and Marshall!


Bought for £30 by Tom Brown and Simon Cooke

I donated a Rhino Sports American Football Thrudshirt worth £30, which I managed to get Jervis to Autograph front and back!


Bought by Ken Neal for £40

Folly Models in Petersfield donated a 40k Apocalypse Space Marine Suppression Force boxed set worth £50.



Bought for £40 by Dave Hall

GW Crawley donated a Warhammer Orc and Goblin Battalion worth £50. Thanks Phil!



Bought for £30 by Peter Hopkinson

Milford Models and Hobbies donate a £20 Air Brush. Thanks, Joy!


Bought for £16 by Val Catella

Toywizz in Chichester donated a Basic GW Paint Set. Thanks Mike!


Bought for £20 by Edwin Thorley.

Cyanide Studios donated a T-Shirt.


Bought for £20 by Matt Sherwin

Blighty Crusaders donated some of their Dice, cheers lads!


Bought for £20 by Matt Sherwin (he then thrashed me in round four with them, and went on to win comeback king (best on second day!!!) Remember, Matt, magic only works if you believe in it!

Robert Kingery, Creative Director of Darkson Designs, donated five six colour packs of Vallejo Paints.


Bought for £50 by Val Catella

Thru(d?)xton Racing circuit donated two Member's Day tickets for the British Truck Racing Meeting held at Thruxton on 3rd August 2008.


These didn't sell, as we still cannot seem to get enough local talent to our tourny! Come on, you southerners!!

We had a Gridiron Bunnies Coaches Blister pack left from the bunnygirls, donated by Jason Thornton, Tritex Games.


Dave Mason bought them for £20

Late Additions(No pics, Sorry, no time!)

Carl Critchlow donated 2 autographed colour proofs -bought by Ben Patterson for £25.

I donated a Thrud Scratching his Head miniature - Bought by Val Catella for £35

Goodwood Races donated two tickets to the races - bought by Tom Brown for £15

Impact Miniatures made a donation of a:

Bloodweixer Babes & Barrel-(bought by Adam Daines for £10.50)

Zlurpee Ogre (bought for £40 by Val Catella)

Dutch Open Cheese (which I paid £60 for-well, it was moon flavoured!)

Willem Da Freezer(bought for £10 by Paul Gegg)

Frog Miniature (bought for £10 by Alan Ledger).

Trains, Boats And Planes of Bognor Donated 2 x Lord of the Rings Dwarves (bought for £10 by Paul Reed) and a LOTR Mines of Moria (Bought for £15 by Tom Simms).

One of the Games Workshop Managers I called in 2007 (I cannot recall his name, apologies, I did ring every GW store in the UK...but thankyou whoever you were!) donated a 1st & 2nd edition Bloodbowl box set and sent it to the Spiky Club in Reading, who sent it on to us for 2008. bought for £45 by Ken Neal.

As a GCN Club, BRGA managed to scrounge one of the Warhammer 25 party packs, inside of which were two t-shirts which we auctioned to Jason Thornton for £12.50.

Tritex also donated 10% of his takings at Thrudbowl (£25) to our total - and I think he spent the rest in the auction!

BRGA's own Stephane Boiron donated a culinary masterpiece, a French (obviously) Patisserie cake, which we hastily chopped up and auctioned at £2 a slice, raising £24 in the process. Stephane also donated 3 goblinforge Gobbos, which BRGA's Aaron Stemp snapped up for a Tenner.

I donated some Alum Bay Sand from my recent holiday in the Isle of Wight, which Tom Simms bought for a £5.

Twilight Creations Inc donated something, but it never arrived!! Thanks anyway...

Carl Critchlow donated a sketch of Thrud, which arrived the Tuesday after the tourney. It is now in the pot for next year, but I may donate it to the Thrudbowl USA tourney if there is one (legal issues to be resolved first, so now unlikely), to get their aucion started

When everything was laid out it looked pretty impressive...


And the auction alone raised £1'242!! Thank you both donators and auctionees for helping us smash last years total!!